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We Support businessess strategically through innovation, education, and marketing.
Successful business professionals, Dr. Colleen Meyer and her team offers new clients a free hour and half business evaluation. This is the beginning of a process designed to help business owners grow their businesss and give them tools to become successful.

At Meyer and Mintz Consulting, we take a holistic approach as business consultants and advisors. We assure that the business strategies are easy to understand, easy to implement, and are goal focused. We work to align our strategies with three critical characteristics:
  • ​Operations
  • Motivation
  • Training and Development (Knowledge)

We believe that objectives can be achieved if all three charateristics are aligned with an organizations mission, vision, and values. 

Great Performance takes place when success is defined with clear, tangible goals that are performance driven and communicated through-out an organization. 

'Helping you grow your business strategically through innovation, education, and marketing.'
​​​​Training and Development ​​
We offer training programs for all levels of employees, management and leadership. In order for a business to grow, it's people need to grow with it. Training and development provides consistancy in performance, customer service, and employee moral. Training available:
  • Management Training and Development
  • Branding through Customer Service
  • How to Give a Productive Meeting
  • How to Build a Positive Work Environment
  • Employee Retention and Development
  • Customer Service
  • And many more.

​Training is designed to help business owner achieve operational excellence which in turn, provides financial success.

The training may include interviews and surveys, as well as determining skill and knowledge levels, organizational imput (such as on-boarding), and motivation. 
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